BARCODE Architects (Buro for Architecture and Contemporary Design) is a Rotterdam-based architecture and urban design office founded in 2010 by Dirk Peters and Caro van de Venne. It comprises an international team of 45 creative professionals, including architects, urban designers, and technologists. Our projects are driven by the ambition to realize high-quality buildings that revitalize and transform their context, offer a moving experience that awakens an aesthetic awareness, and that users can identify with. By setting our standards high, we hope to inspire our collaborators to do the same.

We have building experience both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our work ranges from urban masterplans to mixed-use public buildings, high-end residential and office towers, and villas. Each project is the result of extensive concept-driven experimentation of function and form, bringing apparently “finished” designs to the next level. In this process, making design decisions together with our clients and consultants is key. The resulting designs are highly site-specific, with an unexpected twist. This fresh and contemporary “twist” is the newness, the “above and beyond”, the added value that a project gives to its clients, users, and surroundings.

We believe that a building is valuable when it is designed for the long term: when it is flexible, durable, and easy to maintain. For us, this lasting quality is synonymous with sustainability. That’s why we base each project on an integral building concept, working with an interdisciplinary team of consultants to apply proven techniques in an innovative way. Such an integral approach is the result of a close collaboration with all stakeholders, streamlined by open and direct communication.