Barcode Architects’ winning proposal for Elbviertel in Dresden, designed in collaboration with LOLA Landscape Architects, has officially been approved by the city as part of the zoning plan. The project’s elegantly curved building ensemble frames a pleasant green courtyard on the banks of the Elbe, and a strong identity is created by the relation with the historic Villa Grunt and with the “White Factory”. Its mixed-use program includes 6,340m2 of housing, retail, workshops, and offices. At the project’s centre is a vibrant park, which is part of a landscaped green zone along the north bank of the Elbe river. The design is part of the Leipziger Vorstadt district, and is connected to the harbour area development that is expected to reach completion in 2020. Elbviertel is Barcode Architects’ second project in Dresden. Earlier this year, the office announced their winning proposal for Ferdinandplatz.