Villa X completed

September 11, 2017

The recently completed Villa X in Brabant (NL) combines solid and void in a geometrically minimalistic composition. By folding the front and back facades inwards, the open living space – the “void” – is fluently connected to the surrounding nature. Two closed blocks at both ends mark the “solid” private spaces, which contain the guest and private living quarters. These private spaces are covered by hefty anthracite concrete walls, with a smooth, reflective finish achieved by multiple layers of hand-polishing. The protruding guest room window is cast into the wall, appearing to have been pulled out from an elastic surface.

barcode architects_dresden ferdinandplatz_news


August 26, 2017

Barcode Architects are working with the municipality of Dresden on the redevelopment of Ferdinandplatz. The 120,000m2 mixed-use masterplan is prominently located in the city centre, and includes a new city hall, shops, offices, a public underground parking garage and ca. 250 apartments. Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain, the Dresden alderman responsible for the project, has described the transformation as “an important building block for completing the urban regeneration of the city centre”. The ‘new’ Ferdinandplatz is expected to reach completion in 2025.


Barcode Architects to transform modernist post office in Enschede

July 20, 2017

Barcode Architects’ design for the transformation of the modernist post office in the heart of Enschede into a Vue cinema has officially received the City’s approval. The proposal accommodates 10 cinema auditoria and a restaurant, while strengthening the building’s architectural identity. Realized by F.C.J. Dingemans in the 1960s, the original post office’s characteristic modernist design has earned it a monumental status. It has a bold formal composition with a long enclosed rectangular ‘bar’ resting on double-height concrete portal frames, giving the Boulevard a dignified scale. The proposed transformation opens the ground floor with a completely transparent façade. Behind the original building, hidden from view, four new cinema auditoria will be added in a new volume. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2018, reaching completion by the end of the year.


Festive Groundbreaking for The Muse

June 7, 2017

By driving the first pile into the ground, alderman Ronald Schneider (Urban Development) gave a festive start to the construction of The Muse at Wijnhaven in Rotterdam. The 75m-high tower designed by Barcode Architects will add a distinctive silhouette to the Rotterdam skyline with its subtly bent shape, outlined by a prominent concrete “wrap”. The project is an important link within the transformation of the Maritime District into an attractive new residential and living environment. Expected completion is in the first quarter of 2019.


Official Groundbreaking Ceremony for Arnhem Bartok

February 22, 2017

Barcode Architects officially broke ground on the Bartok inner city development in Arnhem on Wednesday, February 22. The press event was attended by Alderman Gerrie Elfrink, by representatives of the developer Kondor Wessels Projecten, by investor Fred Tuinman of Reggeborgh, and by Dirk Peters of Barcode Architects. The 9,500m2 high-end development takes on an inner-city scale with folded set-back roof terraces on its upper levels and an angled façade towards the square. At the same time, it increases density with 62 mid-sized apartments, and adds public program on the ground floor with a supermarket and two boutique shops. The completion of the Bartok development is expected in June 2018.

Barcode Architects_OMA_Caen Library_Photo by Philippe Ruault


January 13, 2017

The new Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville officially opened its doors on January 13 2017. The 12.500m2 multimedia library, designed by OMA in collaboration with Barcode Architects, is part of an ambitious new cultural district being developed along the Bassin St. Pierre in the heart of the Normandy city. The building design is characterized by its specific cross-shaped volume and by its column-free panoramic reading room. As the digital revolution re-shapes the library typology, the Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville’s vast public interior responds by transforming the traditionally introverted reading place into an open public forum for knowledge exchange.

BIG_Barcode Architects_sluishuis_news


January 12, 2017

On view in the Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam is a mini exhibition about the competition for Sluishuis. The building is part of Steigereiland, a new development on the city’s north-eastern edge dedicated to experimental forms of housing. As part of it, the Sluishuis proposes a contemporary housing typology that offers strategies for accommodating social diversity, building high-density at the human scale, and connecting public space to the IJ Lake. Next to the winning project by BIG and Barcode Architects, the entries by OMA, Neutelings Riedijk and Felix Claus Dick van Wageningen are also being presented. The exhibition closes on February 28.

BARCODE Architects_Sluishuis_01 Entrance


November 28, 2016

Barcode Architects, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and developers VORM / BESIX have won the competition for the iconic Sluishuis, in IJburg Steigereiland, an emerging urban district in Amsterdam. The mixed-use building obtains its dynamic form from the cascading terraces towards the IJburg neighbourhood and a lifted corner towards the water that opens the courtyard to arriving boats. Located between the vast IJ Lake and the city, the Sluishuis links the emerging urban district in IJburg with Amsterdam’s historic centre. The 46.000 m2 project offers 380 zero-energy residences, approximately 4.000 m2 of commercial and common areas, underground parking, and a comprehensive water-quality program with space for up to 30 houseboats.

BARCODE Architects_ESL_Utrecht University


November 4, 2016

Construction is steadily progressing on the Earth Simulation Laboratory, Utrecht University Geosciences faculty’s new research building for experimental physics. Designed in collaboration with ABT, it replaces the former heavy concrete Robert J. van de Graaff building, which was dismantled earlier this year. The main concrete structure of the original building has been preserved, and will be re-clad with an innovative energy-saving climate façade. The new building envelope features a band of concrete façade panels with an abstracted reflective image of the Dutch delta, which offer a visual representation of the faculty’s research.

Construction began in early October of this year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

BARCODE Architects_The Muse_Wijnhaven 69 Rotterdam


October 19, 2016

Sales have officially launched for ‘The Muse’ on October 15. There was a large turnout for the event, which took place near the project location at the Hangar85 restaurant. The luxury residential tower, to be built at Wijnhaven 69 in Rotterdam, offers high-end apartments with quality exterior spaces in the form of generous double-height balconies, terraced units, and a collective fifth-level roof garden. It will also contribute to creating a lively, human-scale pedestrian environment with its transparent commercial ground level, residential balconies close to the street, and recognizable silhouette in the Rotterdam skyline.

Construction will begin in the spring of 2017 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.
More information about ‘The Muse’ can be found on the project website: